In the world of extrasensory perception (ESP), the concepts « psychic » and « mediums » are sometimes confused. When people call a person a medium, they don’t involve him or her as a psychic. What we must know is that a medium has both medium and psychological abilities and can switch between or use them at a time. A psychic, on the other hand, has no or no mediumistic skills. As such, people with psychic means are believed to be more capable of accurately reading the future on issues of love, wealth, employment, and other issues of life.

Yet many people who want to know what the future holds for them are not sure whether mediums or psychics should consult them. In most cases, people “don’t care” how the reading is done and so having a psychic media read is kind of a deal for them. It is ultimately good to consult a person with many gifts if there is a difficulty in deciphering what a channel has to offer. Decent experts in this field point to demystify the different aspects of psychic abilities, such as reading tarot cards, interpreting dreams, clairvoyance, and the mediumship of reading, by links with dead relatives at the other end.

A “downside” to mediumship is that one is not always assured that a beloved one is still present at the other end, waiting to send a message about the future. Mediumship, as such, can be disappointing if there is no response. A foreteller who works under the psychic medium may have a reading where a gift is not possible. Moreover, as mediumship involves communicating with loved ones, it can turn out that a session is a very emotional time for customers and may need to be adequately prepared for this occasion. If clients feel that the anticipated emotional distress may be too much for them, they can choose the other psychic tools.

It can thus be concluded that a psychic medium is but a psychic who can communicate with energies higher than his spiritual level. Therefore, not all psychics can practice mental mediumship because they need the right amount of experience, or the ability to cope with paranormal obstacles and threats in terms of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical honesty. Psychic mediums, one step at a time, develop this ability while struggling to maintain a growing awareness.