Diane Joy Rayfield, Evidential Medium and Spirit Artist

About Diane ...

Diane Joy Rayfield is a working medium and member of the Spiritualistís National Union. She gives demonstrations of evidential mediumship both with and without the use of Spirit art. Diane is an approved specialist  tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK.

She teaches all forms of mediumship, from Spiritual awareness, circle work, mediumistic development, trance and public speaking. Diane is at present studying for the Diploma of the Spiritualist's National Union. She is particularly interested in using Yogic-breathing techniques for attaining altered states of consciousness. Being trained in the Theatre as a dancer she is also very keen on using music in her teaching, music is emotive and can help bring about an altered state.  As Shakespeare said " if music be the food of love, play on"   Working with spirit is an act of love.



Diane's first love however, is Psychic art and Spirit art. Her mission in life is to enlighten and inspire all those she meets, the Spirit World is full of life, colour, music, laughter and love, let us all share in this wonderful Phenomenon of Spirit art. During a demonstration, Diane, who is an accomplished portrait artist has the ability to link with friends and relatives in the Spirit World and draw an accurate likeness of them. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and to receive a portrait of the spirit person is the most evidential proof of survival one can receive in this day and age. We all survive physical death and spirit art is one way of proving it.


Leonie ( who guided my hand)
Ailsa ( who opened my eyes)
Rob Wareing ( whose tuition is invaluable)

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